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Service Prices

All our prices include VAT and we make sure you know the cost before any work is undertaken. 

We offer 3 comprehensive service packages to meet your needs completed by our experienced team. 

We also offer the following services and support packages

Underseal and Wax Oil treatment £462This treatment further protects your vehicle and helps reduce corrosion attacking your vehicles’ panels provided by the wax oil treatment applied in addition to the under-seal. Wax oil is applied inside the cavities of the interior to protect them from condensation that drips down from the body and accumulates, causing corrosion from the inside out. 
Headlight Refurbishment £132Due to UV exposure, plastic lenses can yellow.  Using a light machine sand action and reapplication of a UV protecting lacquer will increase the effectiveness of your lights and improve the overall external appearance of your vehicle. 
Machine Polish £330A “mop” oscillating hand tool is applied using a fine compound to your paintwork that refreshes the lacquer and removes light scratches, also rectifying dulling due to UV damage. The paintwork is then waxed to give an even, bright and protecting shine. 
Machine Polish + Paint Protection £522This treatment protects your paint against tree sap, bird droppings, insect fluid and UV light with an additional layer of paint protection, using nanotechnology, that will give your vehicle a longer-lasting shine with increased protection. 
Radio Band Expanders £118 Depending on the origin of your car the radio may not pick up UK frequencies, this can often be adjusted with a radio band expander, sometimes this can be done without additional wiring. 
Sterilise air conditioning £58 This conditioning clears through your ventilation system, kills unwanted bacteria, and refreshes your vehicle. 
Category 1 Alarm £462 This alarm package includes an immobiliser and may help reduce your insurance costs as well as increasing your peace of mind. 
Category 2 power key immobiliser £237If you have no need for an alarm but would still like to be able to immobilise your vehicle, then this is for you, again this may reduce your insurance costs. 
4 Parking sensors (black) £214Each set of 4 can be fitted onto the front or back of your vehicle.  We can also colour match a set of 4 for £317.  
Tow bar £450We can fit a bar to most vehicles, just get in touch and we can discuss your needs.

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