This was our first campervan purchase and with the current cost of buying one either new or second-hand being very expensive we tried a different route. Funky Ram provided a brilliant solution of finding a great Toyota Alphard and supporting us through the process of importing and converting it to exactly what we wanted. The result was a a campervan designed and configured around us and our needs that was considerably cheaper that trying to buy one. Good service and a great campervan conversion


Gilly, Shaun and the team were absolutely superb. Really friendly, helpful and responsive. Helped me hugely with all aspects of the registration, import, service and conversion and I’ve got an incredible camper for better value than I’ve seen anywhere else. The build quality is what stands out. Fit and finish is second to none and I checked a lot of Alphard conversions out from others before I went with these guys. I was nervous as hadn’t seen their work but couldn’t be more chuffed. Quality of kit, attention to detail and the care taken is amazing. All wiring routed, access well thought out and storage is awesome. Lots of little extras I wasn’t expecting. The design is fantastic, really useable space and easy to use. Upholstery is incredible quality, stitching and piping great, rock and roll bed smooth as butter. To be honest I genuinely can’t find fault with any of it. If you’re thinking of converting an Alphard, look no further!


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